Procreate Tools Overview: Mastering Digital Artistry

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Procreate stands as a powerhouse in the digital art scene, equipped with an array of features and tools designed to facilitate creativity and productivity for artists of all levels. This article offers a detailed Procreate tools overview, ensuring you can fully utilize this dynamic application to create stunning digital artwork.

Core Tools and Features

1. Brushes

Procreate’s brush library is vast and versatile, accommodating every conceivable artistic need. From watercolor brushes that mimic the fluidity of paint to textured brushes that reproduce the granularity of charcoal, each tool is customizable. Users can adjust settings like opacity, size, and flow to achieve the desired effect.

2. Layers

Managing complex compositions is streamlined with Procreate’s layer system. Artists can create multiple layers to separate elements of their work, allowing for non-destructive edits and easy adjustments. Features such as layer masks, blending modes, and group layers enhance control over the final image.

3. Color Picker and Palettes

Selecting and managing colors in Procreate is intuitive. The Color Picker allows artists to choose colors either by sliding through a spectrum or inputting exact values for precision. Custom color palettes can be saved, facilitating consistent color usage across different projects.

4. Animation Assist

For artists venturing into animation, Procreate provides an Animation Assist tool that simplifies the process of creating frame-by-frame animations. This feature includes options like onion skinning, which helps visualize previous frames, making the animation workflow smoother and more efficient.

5. QuickShape

Drawing perfect geometric shapes is made effortless with QuickShape. Whether you need a precise circle, square, or polygon, simply draw the shape roughly and hold your pen in place; Procreate perfects it instantly.

6. Adjustment Tools

Procreate includes a comprehensive set of adjustment tools for fine-tuning images. These include brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. The liquify tool, in particular, allows artists to warp parts of their image for creative effects or corrections.

7. Actions

Under the Actions menu, artists find a variety of system settings and features. This includes everything from inserting a reference image to flipping the canvas. Actions also cover Procreate’s extensive customization settings, allowing users to tailor the app to their workflow.

Advanced Features

8. Brush Studio

For those who like to tweak or create brushes, the Brush Studio offers endless possibilities. Artists can modify existing brushes or craft new ones from scratch, adjusting properties such as shape, grain, and dynamics. This feature supports deep customization, enabling artists to truly personalize their toolset.

9. Blend Modes

Blend modes in Procreate are essential for creating depth and adding texture to illustrations. These modes determine how a layer’s colors interact with the layers beneath it, and they range from simple transparency effects to more complex color blending.

10. Perspective Guide

Artists working on architectural or complex scenes will appreciate the Perspective Guide feature. It provides grids that help in drawing objects in three-dimensional space, maintaining accurate proportions and angles throughout the artwork.

11. Time-lapse Replay

One of the most enchanting features of Procreate is the Time-lapse Replay, which records every stroke from start to finish. This allows artists to review their creative process or share their technique in a captivating, educational format.


Mastering the Procreate basics is the first step toward unleashing your artistic potential. As you become familiar with Procreate’s sophisticated tools and features, you open up new possibilities for creativity and expression. For those eager to delve deeper, consider expanding your knowledge by exploring further in Procreate canvas settings and basic drawing techniques. These areas will further enhance your understanding and skills, allowing you to make the most of this powerful digital art application. Start exploring today and see where your creativity takes you!