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At, our team shares a passion for mobile technology. We are a diverse group of tech enthusiasts, each specializing in different aspects of the mobile world to bring you the best insights, reviews, and guides. Here’s a closer look at the people who make possible.

Remy Cuesta, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Meet Remy Cuesta, the driving force behind A passionate tech enthusiast, Remy founded to make mobile technology accessible to everyone. With a background in software engineering and digital marketing, he bridges the knowledge gap in the tech world, ensuring every article meets the highest editorial standards. Remy oversees everything from content strategy to publication, always staying ahead of the curve with a deep understanding of emerging trends in smartphones, wearables, and apps. His mission is to keep a trusted source of tech knowledge. Beyond managing editorial quality, Remy also writes opinion pieces, trend analyses, and in-depth guides. His tech wisdom and leadership inspire the team to deliver top-notch content consistently.

Monica Melton, Managing Editor

As the Managing Editor, Monica Melton oversees our editorial calendar and ensures consistency across all content. With a sharp eye for detail, she maintains the blog’s tone and style, keeping our readers informed on the latest mobile trends. Monica works closely with writers, reviewers, and editors to create fresh, engaging content that connects with our audience. Her expertise in crafting compelling tech stories guides the team in producing top-notch articles. From brainstorming editorial themes to assigning topics and refining drafts, she plays a crucial role in shaping’s editorial direction. Passionate about mobile technology and storytelling, Monica ensures each article is accurate, insightful, and aligns with our brand’s standards. Her leadership fosters a collaborative environment where creativity flourishes, and her ability to manage multiple projects makes her an invaluable part of the team.

Andrew Stretch, Senior Writer and Reviewer

Andrew Stretch, our Senior Writer, specializes in smartphones and wearables. He dives deep into product features to offer unbiased reviews and comparisons. His thorough research and hands-on testing help readers make informed buying decisions. Andrew simplifies complex technical details, making them easy to understand for both tech enthusiasts and casual users. Known for his keen attention to detail, he provides comprehensive reviews that highlight a product’s strengths and weaknesses. His passion for technology drives him to test devices in real-world scenarios, offering practical insights into everyday gadget use. In addition to reviews, Andrew contributes tutorials, buying guides, and opinion pieces, providing a well-rounded view of the mobile tech landscape. His dedication to honest, data-backed reviews has earned the trust of readers looking for reliable advice on the latest tech products.

Mike Lowe, Reviews Editor

As the Reviews Editor, Mike Lowe plays a crucial role in upholding the quality of our product reviews. He ensures that every review meets our editorial guidelines by checking accuracy, refining structure, and collaborating with writers to maintain a consistent and engaging tone. Mike’s responsibilities include fact-checking, cross-referencing specifications, and enhancing the clarity of the writing. With a robust background in tech journalism, he brings a wealth of experience that helps our readers make informed decisions. His meticulous approach ensures our reviews are accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive. Additionally, he works closely with the Managing Editor to continuously improve our review process, enhancing the structure and quality of our assessments. Mike’s dedication to editorial integrity guarantees that every review on meets our high standards.

Chris Hachey, Tutorials Editor

Chris Hachey is our go-to expert for simplifying tech jargon with practical guides and step-by-step tutorials. Specializing in mobile apps, networking, and device setup, Chris ensures that every guide is clear, concise, and user-friendly. His knack for breaking down complex processes into easy-to-follow steps makes him a valuable resource for our readers. Collaborating closely with the Senior Writer, Chris identifies topics that resonate with both tech enthusiasts and casual users. From optimizing device performance to mastering new apps, his guides are visually rich, often featuring screenshots and diagrams to enhance understanding. With a background in technical writing and a passion for helping others, Chris brings a unique perspective to our team. His dedication to making technology more accessible ensures that remains a trusted source for mobile tutorials, helping readers unlock the full potential of their devices.

Matthew Gooding, Features Editor

Matthew Gooding is passionate about uncovering the human stories behind emerging tech. As the Features Editor at, he excels at crafting engaging articles that delve into the impact of mobile technology on daily life. From interviewing industry leaders to exploring the latest innovations, Matthew brings a unique storytelling flair to every piece. He collaborates closely with contributors to ensure each article is well-researched and resonates with readers. With a background in journalism and a love for technology, Matthew’s work both entertains and informs, offering a deeper perspective on the mobile world. Whether profiling a rising tech startup or analyzing trends in mobile gaming, he adds depth and richness to’s content.

Robin Ajello, News Editor

Robin Ajello is always on top of the latest developments in mobile tech as our News Editor. He delivers breaking stories and updates on device launches, software changes, and industry trends with precision and speed. Robin is constantly sifting through press releases, social media, and tech events to bring readers the most current information. Collaborating with the Managing Editor, he ensures that every article is newsworthy, accurate, and engaging. With a strong network of industry contacts, Robin often shares exclusive insights into upcoming trends and product launches. His commitment to staying informed means readers always get the freshest scoop on what’s happening in mobile tech. From new smartphone releases to major software updates, Robin’s coverage is always insightful and timely.

Joni Blecher, Social Media Editor

Joni Blecher, our Social Media Editor, is the heartbeat of our online community. She shares fresh content, sparks discussions, and engages with readers across various platforms. Joni curates and schedules posts, responds to reader questions, and keeps an eye on trends to create content that resonates with our audience. Working closely with the editorial team, she promotes new articles, reviews, and guides while also crafting original social media content. With her storytelling talent and keen sense of trends, Joni ensures has a lively and engaging online presence. Her expertise in social media strategy helps grow our community and foster meaningful conversations about mobile technology. By interacting with readers and gathering their feedback, she provides valuable insights that shape our editorial direction and enhance the user experience.


Jeffrey Schwartz, App and Game Specialist
Jeffrey Schwartz, a New York-based App and Game Specialist, is a valued contributor to With a solid background in software development and a passion for gaming, Jeffrey offers a unique perspective in his app reviews. He focuses on mobile games, productivity tools, and lifestyle apps, diving deep into each one to test its features, usability, and performance. Jeffrey’s guides are filled with practical tips and tricks to help users maximize app functionality, unlock new features, and resolve common issues. Besides detailed reviews, he also creates curated lists showcasing the best apps across various categories. His engaging writing style and extensive knowledge make him a trusted source for anyone looking to enhance their mobile experience. Overall, Jeffrey’s expertise and enthusiasm provide invaluable insights to readers navigating the ever-evolving world of mobile apps on

Matthew Smith, Network Security Analyst

Matthew Smith, a network security analyst from Oregon, is a vital contributor to Specializing in network security, Matthew offers practical advice to help readers protect their mobile devices and data. With years of experience in cybersecurity, he creates comprehensive tutorials on topics like setting up VPNs, managing app permissions, and optimizing device security settings. His expert insights help readers prevent data breaches and safeguard their privacy. Matthew also writes opinion pieces on emerging security threats and trends, empowering readers to stay protected in an increasingly connected world. His straightforward approach makes complex security topics accessible, ensuring even non-technical users understand the importance of mobile security. As a dedicated cybersecurity educator, Matthew provides invaluable guidance for anyone looking to secure their mobile networks and devices on


We’re a team passionate about simplifying tech for our readers. Whether it’s a review, guide, or news article, we’re here to help you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of mobile technology.