How to Adjust Canvas Settings in Procreate

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Procreate offers a robust set of features that allow digital artists to create stunning artwork with ease. Among these features, Procreate canvas settings are foundational in tailoring your digital canvas to suit specific project needs. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of adjusting these settings to optimize your artistic workflow.

Understanding Procreate Canvas Settings

Before diving into the specific settings, it’s helpful to understand what Procreate canvas settings encompass. These settings involve dimensions, resolution, color profiles, and more. Each setting plays a critical role in the outcome of your digital artwork.

Setting Up Your Canvas

1. Choosing the Right Dimensions

Selecting the correct size for your canvas is the first step. Procreate allows you to customize the width and height of your canvas in pixels, inches, centimeters, or millimeters.

  • For Digital Art: Aim for a size that fits your intended display or platform. Larger dimensions allow more detail but consume more of your iPad’s memory.
  • For Printing: Ensure the dimensions match the size of the final print. Remember, adding more pixels per inch (PPI) increases the resolution and detail.

2. Adjusting the Canvas Resolution

Resolution in Procreate is measured in dots per inch (DPI), commonly referred to as pixels per inch (PPI). This setting affects the print quality of your artwork.

  • Digital Viewing: A standard resolution of 72 PPI works well.
  • High-Quality Prints: A higher resolution, such as 300 PPI, is recommended to ensure no loss of detail in the final printed piece.

3. Selecting Color Profiles

Color profiles manage how colors appear on different devices or prints. Procreate offers several profiles, including sRGB, P3, and CMYK.

  • sRGB: Ideal for digital art displayed on screens.
  • Display P3: Offers a wider gamut of colors, suitable for newer devices.
  • CMYK: Best for artworks intended for printing.

Advanced Canvas Settings

1. Time-lapse Recording

Procreate automatically records your drawing process. This feature can be adjusted in the canvas settings, allowing you to toggle the recording on or off and manage the quality of the video.

2. Canvas Information

Access this to view details about your current project, such as dimensions, DPI, the number of layers used, and the memory used.

3. QuickMenu Customization

Customize QuickMenu for easy access to your frequently used actions. You can set up to six shortcuts, significantly speeding up your workflow.

Tips for Maximizing Canvas Performance

  • Memory Usage: Larger canvases with higher DPI consume more memory. Monitor the iPad’s performance and adjust accordingly.
  • Layer Limits: Higher resolutions decrease the maximum number of layers you can use. Plan your layer usage to fit within these limits.
  • Background Color: Set a default background color that complements the tone and mood of your artwork right from the start.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

1. Performance Lags

If you experience slowdowns, try reducing the number of active layers or lower the canvas resolution.

2. Layer Limitation

Hit a layer limit? Merge layers that require fewer edits or adjust your canvas’s DPI for a higher layer allowance.

3. Color Inconsistencies

When colors do not display correctly across different devices, double-check that you have selected the appropriate color profile for your project’s final destination.


Mastering canvas settings is a fundamental part of the Procreate basics that elevates your digital artistry. By optimizing these settings, you ensure that your artwork reflects your vision with accuracy and efficiency. Ready to expand your skills further? Explore more about Procreate’s tools and features, and delve into basic drawing techniques to fully unleash your creative potential.